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cutting-edge Facebook automation

Genius Messenger CRM

  • Organize Sales Pipeline
  • Facebook Messenger Customization
  • Track Your Leads
  • Sort Contacts Effortlessly
  • Webhooks Integration
  • Seamless Workflow

Organize your sales pipeline directly in Facebook Messenger. Track leads, customize labels, and sort contacts effortlessly. Schedule notifications, automate responses, and sync data between computers. Integrate with various tools using webhooks for seamless workflows.

VALUE: $197/month

cutting-edge Facebook automation

Genius Post

  • Automated Responses
  • Maximum Marketing Exposure
  • Send personalized messages
  • Automate Facebook Messenger
  • Increases Engagement

Automatically respond to all comments on your posts for maximum exposure. Send personalized messages through Facebook Messenger for increased engagement.

VALUE: $97/month

Genius Scheduler

  • Content Scheduler
  • Manipulate Multiple Groups
  • AI Post Content Generator
  • Automate Profile Updates
  • Increases Engagement

Schedule content for your personal profile or multiple groups effortlessly. Utilize artificial intelligence to create and post content automatically.

VALUE: $97/month

Genius Disconnector

  • Facebook Friends Manager
  • Remove Inactive Friends
  • Remove De-Activated Contacts

Remove inactive and deactivated friends from Facebook with ease.

VALUE: $47/month

Let Story Drive

  • Engage With Audience
  • Auto Messaging
  • Story Based Interactions

Engage with your audience through auto-messaging based on story interactions.

VALUE: $97/month

Birthday Post

  • Keep Leads Hot
  • Maintain Fresh Relationships
  • Targeting Birthday Marketing
  • Generate Extra Income

Keep leads hot and relationships fresh with birthday marketing. Grow Your Business and Generate Extra Income!

VALUE: $47/month

Take advantage of our incredible compensation plan while using our software to grow your business. It's not just about business growth; it's about generating extra income effortlessly.

Facebook Marketing System:

Everything You Need to Get More Leads and Sales

Facebook Marketing System provides you everything you need to optimize and organize your Facebook Sales Pipelines. No more sorting through Messenger messages to find where a prospect is in your sales pipeline. No more typing the same thing over and over and over again. No more copying and pasting links to leads. No more wondering who you have appointments with, or when you are supposed to call someone back or send the a follow up message.

Track Your Leads

Your built-in Messenger CRM will keep track of all your prospects and leads right inside Messenger without ever having to look somewhere else.

With customizable color-coded labels, you can tag each Facebook Friend with a proper label: Prospect, Lead, Hot Lead, Client, Friend, Family, etc. Keep track of everyone you've ever messaged in Messenger and never lose a Messenger sale ever again!

Schedule Notifications

Using the built-in Google Calendar integration, you can easily schedule reminder notifications right inside Messenger.

Never miss another phone call, or follow-up time again! We will be adding other calendar integrations in future updates, including Calendly. If you have a favorite calendar you'd like integrated, just let us know and we'll put it in a future update.

Automate Your System

Using customized Canned Responses, you can easily find the the things you type repeatedly, and add them to the chat window with the click of a button.

Have a video link you send to all new prospects? Have a sales page to send to your pre-sold Hot Leads that you type constantly? Have a standard welcome message you cut and paste? Now just click a button and close that lead!

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Starter Package
  • Digital Card
  • Website Builder
  • Connector
  • DisConnector
  • Genius Birthday
  • Affiliates Earn Up To 12 Levels Fast Action Money
  • *Plus Unlock Infinity Codes & Bonus Pay*
Advanced Package
  • Digital Card
  • Website Builder
  • Connector
  • CRM
  • Post
  • Birthday
  • Scheduler W/ AI
  • Post Filter
  • Ad Library
  • Giveaway
  • Disconnector
  • Replies
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Onboarding
  • Let Stories Drive*
  • Affiliates Earn Up To 12 Levels Fast Action Money
  • *Plus Unlock Infinity Codes & Bonus Pay*
Platinum Package
  • Advanced Package +
  • LinkyLeads
  • Member Mover
  • Group Spy
  • Group Maximizer
  • Group Invite
  • Posting A.I.
  • Let Stories Drive
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Onboarding
  • Affiliates Earn Up To 12 Levels Fast Action Money
  • *Plus Unlock Infinity Codes & Bonus Pay*